Short-pulse lasers and applications • 25th - 28th June, 2019

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Short-pulse lasers and applications

In a nutshell...

The recent development of the chirped pulse amplification technique in 1985 by Gérard Mourou and Donna Strickland (2018 Nobel Prize recipients), has permitted tremendous progress in available laser intensities, and paved the way to many new laser applications.

An up-to-date panorama of these latest developments and some of their selected uses will be explored during this summer school, “Short-pulse lasers and applications”, organized by the University of Bordeaux Graduate School Program in Light Sciences and Technologies. Open to graduate students, doctoral students, post-doctoral researchers, engineers, industrials and professionals, the summer school introduces the physics of short pulse lasers and short pulse laser matter interaction.

During the week, participants will also visit the state-of-the-art University of Bordeaux laser training infrastructures, as well as the Megajoule Laser facility.

This summer school strongly encourages the pursuit of research projects between local and international participants with the objective of furthering progress in the domain of short pulse lasers and their applications.